Test Winner

The Norwegian Institute of Technology performed a functional test of Plumbo Heavy Gel. The examination lasted for two days and several different drain openers were tested. The clog that was used in the test was made out of hair, soap, tooth paste, sugar, water and  calcium carbonate.

This extensive testing showed that Plumbo easily dissolved the clog. Mr. Muscle drain gel, on the other hand, was not able to dissolve the clog in a satisfying way. This “can result in the clog causing problems further down the pipe system” (quote from the test rapport). At the same time did Mr. Muscle use more time dissolving the clog than what’s stated on the label.

This is how the test was carried out:

0 minutes test

50 ml drain opener and 50 ml water is added

Plumbo: Immediately chemical reaction in the clog.

Mr. Muscle: Developed gas

After 1 minute:
Plumbo: The Gel started to penetrate the clog. Brown liquid is coming  through on the other side.

Mudin: No further reaction

2 minutes test


After 2 – 5 minutes:
Plumbo: The clog is dissolving

Mr. Muscle: Some liquid is barely passing though the clog

After 10 minutes:
Plumbo: New chemical reaction, and much of the brown liquid has passed through on the other side of the clog

Mr. Muscle: No further reaction

3 minute test

After 18 – 20 minutes:
Plumbo: The clog is smaller and even more liquid has passed through. The liquid is now dark brown

Mr. Muscle: Some liquid has started to pass through the clog, but it runs slowly

After 25 minutes:
Plumbo: The clog is even smaller and more dark brown liquid is passing though the clog

Mr. Muscle: No further reaction

4 minutes test

After 30 minutes:
Plumbo: Hot water is added and the clog disappears immediately

Mr. Muscle: Hot water is added, but the clog needs 10 minutes(!) of flushing before it loosens from the pipe


Conclusion: Plumbo is the test winner!