About Plumbo

Plumbo is one of Norways most known brands. Everybody knows Plumbo and what the brand represents. It has been this way for a long time – the first Plumbo recipe was made in 1909.

The Krefting brothers bought the Plumbo brand in 1969. It is still the family company Krefting that produce and market Plumbo. The first Plumbo product made was drain powder. Plumbo Powder is still produced, but several other Plumbo product has seen the light of day since then. Plumbo Heavy Gel – Your Personal Plumber – is the test winner that without any problem unclogs your drain. It is an extra effective gel unblocker!

After 100 years is Plumbo still the market leader among several drain openers in the market. Plumbo – Supreme quality since 1909!